Sunday, October 12, 2008

Portland Fashion Week

PDX has done it again. They’ve taken sustainability into another level. With a runaway made out of 160 recycled water bottles, no wonder Book Moda named Portland Fashion Week ‘the most sustainable fashion week in the whole of USA, if not the world.’ The show was held at 14 Square (a newly built LEED certified building) in the Pearl District from Wednesday, October 8th through Sunday, October 12th.

With a strong emphasis on being green, everything from the sway bags to the lighting of the show were taken into deep consideration. Even the designers were eco-friendly. Lizzie Parker who showcased her collection on Saturday night, is well known in the Seattle area for her eco-friendly contemporary clothing line for women. Other designers presented were Idom, Lucia, Christopher Bevans and May Tee.

I was only able to attend the Saturday night show and was very impressed with the venue, the vendors and the runaway. The show was very similar to the tent outside of Bryant Park for New York fashion week. The variety of vendors in different aspects of fashion was a good and informative browse to have while sipping on my cocktail and waiting for the doors to the showroom to open. I even scored a free shirt from Mabel and Zora! My favorite eco-friendly designs were the paper coutour. Overall, PDX pulled off the second longest running fashion week in the west coast nicely.

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Sydney said...

Great recap of the show. I went last year and they had a great turnout for the first annual show. Did Seattle designer Lizzie Parker show her collection?