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Get Organized, Get Styled

Happy New Year!
It’s hard to believe that we are almost through the month of January! Recuperating from the holidays was very much needed but now it’s back to all biz! Statistics show that a month after the New Year celebration, only 65% of the people who set New Year resolutions are still hanging on. Although I would love to be a part of the 65%, I have to admit I haven’t given my New Year resolutions much thought… BUT that’s okay because help is knocking on my door (and of course yours too…!)

Closet fly and Organized Innovations, LLC is partnering up to bring you, ‘Get Organized, Get Styled.’ Held on Tuesday, January 27th at Mercer Island Community Center from 6:30PM to 8:30PM, Stacey Anderson and Mayna Sgaramella will present ways to help you revamp your look and organize your workspace for a fresh start to 2009! I caught with both ladies for a quick and fun Q&A session…

YK: Stacey, tell me a little bit about yourself and Organized Innovations, LLC .

SA: My background is in medical office management where I fine tuned my organizing skills with regards to systems, paper management and figuring out the right solutions for everyone involved. I started Organized Innovations as a way to work with the general public who also struggle with many of the same things as the corporate world. I get to work hands-on with my clients teaching them and guiding them in their organizing process. Sometimes people just need to be told it is ok to get rid of things, and others need to know what to get rid of.

YK: What is the most rewarding part of your job?

SA: Having people see success in what we are doing. My goal is to have them learn the organizing skills they need to stay organized on a regular basis. Most often people just need the help to dig out from the piles and aren’t sure where to start. I get to help them start anew and feel stress free for the first time in a long time. Their smiles are often the great reward.

YK: What is the most common help sought after from your clients?

SA: Paper – too much paper for everyone. Most people are overwhelmed by how much information and paperwork they receive on a daily basis and don’t know where to begin. Do I keep this, and if so for how long? Where do I keep it? Why do I keep it?

YK: How is that problem solved?

SA: I teach clients what they need to keep and what the guidelines are. But I also help them create a process that makes sense for them to implement and keep up. No system is going to work unless it makes sense for you and your family/group.

YK: The concept of work life balance is becoming more and more popular in the work place. Has this also played a part in your business and if so, how?

SA: Yes, many people have to work harder and longer because they are overwhelmed by such things as emails and paper. I work to teach them techniques that will help them reduce the paper and emails. I also work with them on time management so that they can create a plan for their day. People waste in excess of 1 hour a day because of disorganization. I help them to regain that hour and spend it doing what they like, not what they don’t.

YK: What is one small adjustment or change a person can make in their work environment to reduce stress and / or clutter?

SA: You have to do maintenance. Many people think that once they create a system it will just work on its own. Daily or weekly you need to take 15 minutes or more to file, plan your day and do the things on your to-do list. Things are constantly coming in and if you don’t process them out, you will not be able to stay ahead. Take time to plan and act.

YK: Thank you Stacey!


YK: Mayna, tell me a little bit about yourself and Closet Fly.

MS: After graduating from Columbia College Chicago and majoring in Interactive Multimedia, I moved to Washington in 2001 to work as a business consultant teaching teams and individuals how to be more efficient, results-oriented, and follow their passion. I started to follow my own passion and took what started as just helping friends and family with their wardrobe to the next level and started my own business, Closet Fly, in 2005. Since then, I’ve been educating men and women on knowing their body type, recognizing a good fit, and how to shop smart so they can look and feel their best every day. Sometimes people just need support and an outside “eye” to sort through what they have, decide what to get rid of, and choose new pieces that work for their lifestyle. Volunteering for organizations like Dress For Success Seattle keeps me grounded and connected.

YK: What is it about your job that you love most?

MS: Seeing the transformation people make after a couple sessions of working with me. They start to see themselves in a new way and begin expressing their best self with their wardrobe. It is very much like the guests say on TLC’s What Not To Wear after they’ve experienced their transformation: “It’s not just about the clothes.”

YK: What is one of the most common wardrobe no-no’s you’ve encounter?

MS: One of the biggest mistakes I see is poor fit. I have a lot of clients that are 5’3” and under, which technically classifies them as ‘petite’, and many of them wear regular sized clothing which is not proportioned for their body at all, so they end up looking shorter or unpolished.

YK: Are there any basic rules you have in regards to style and fashion that we should follow?

MS: YES! If everyone would buy a full length mirror and do a top-down check before they left the house each morning, many mistakes could be avoided. Learning how to recognize a good fit is something I stress with my clients and once they see how fabulous they look in proper fitting clothing, it’s hard to go back to wearing something that looks just “ok”. Also, always shop with a list and a budget…and know what you already have in your closet before you go!

YK: What are some basic things you think every woman should investing it?

MS: I have a list of the “Top 10 Items Every Woman Should Have in Their Wardrobe” and on that list are:
- A light weight wool black pant suit. You can always break up the pant suit and if it’s in a year-round fabric like a light-weight wool and you care for it properly, you’ll use it for years.
- A cashmere sweater in a flattering color. You can layer it or wear it alone and it feels oh so soft!
- A fabulous dress (black, navy, or other neutral). This is where accessorizing gets fun, but you have to have good quality basics in order to pull it off. Every woman should have one dress that makes them feel feminine, sexy, and fabulous—at any size or shape!

We’re all sending a message to the world with our appearance, so we might as well put some intention behind that message and invest in showing the world our best selves. What message are you sending?

…and sometimes, maybe all we need is a little help with a pinch of inspiration to get our message across! For more information about the event please visit: or you can contact Stacey at: info@ and Mayna at:

Have a wonderful 2009!

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