Monday, November 24, 2008

Green Chic

Tarah, Brook, and Melissa
It’s official – green is the new black! This past Saturday night was spent at Café Metropolitan with Tarah and some of her girlfriends for the Green Chic – An Ethical / Eco fashion show. Put on by Fashion Ethic and En Mode Productions the proceeds went to The Adubon Society.

Candice CaldwellAll the pieces on the runaway were from Fashion Ethic, an online boutique ran by eco-friendly supporter and entrepreneur - Candice Caldwell. Fashion Ethic’s mission is to be fashionably responsible and by that they mean: sweatshop free labor, fair wages for workers, sustainable fibers, organic cotton, and low impact dyes.

Log on to and use the code GREENCHIC to receive 20% off your entire purchase now through Wednesday, November 26th.


Yours Truly said...

It's always good to support fashion that is socially and environmentally responsible. I wonder if the clothes are difficult to clean and not as durable though. Just a random thought... *laugh*

Youa said...

Yes, I agree. Fashion is certainly headed that way.
I'm not sure about how to clean eco-friendly clothing. I'll have to look into that.