Thursday, April 2, 2009

Couture Carnivale

First off, I have to apologize about the hiatus. It’s been over a month since I last blogged or attended a fashion event. Not only was it a quiet winter for the Seattle fashion scene but I was also having a quiet moment of my own – but I’m back now!

Last Sunday night my good friend Sandy picked me up and we headed over to the Last Super Club in Pioneer Square to catch the Couture Carnivale fashion show. Not only was it my first event since my hiatus but it was also the first time this year seeing my friend Sandy. Yep, life has been busy. We arrived about 45 minutes after doors opened and was greeted with a packed house. The show had a burlesque / circus like theme to it. The hostess, Anna Lange (owner of Pretty Parlor) wore a cute five tiered multiple colored layered dress. I’d have to say she was absolutely fun with her faux accent and curly pigtails. The show featured four local boutiques including House of Pretty Parlor. Each boutique showcased vintage recycled clothing perfect for spring. The show was presented by Margidavid Salon who was also responsible for the fabulous big hair the models sported. There were three burlesque performances too but unfortunately due to my lack of attention to details, I overlooked that information in the brochure and skipped out early. To my defense it was a Sunday night show ;).

Tarah (UFN founder and my sweet boss) recently emailed me a few shows for spring so I will say that things will start to pick up. If you're interested in the details please visit the UFN event calendar otherwise stick around!

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