Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

The goal behind Earth Day is to cause more awareness and appreciation of our earth's environment. This day is celebrated in over 140 countries. However, being that I am a Seattlelite, every day feels like earth day. The people here really embrace being eco-friendly in every possible way. Think of our intense recycling system that comes with a cheat sheet, our local restaurants and their eco-friendly to go boxes, the number of workplaces that participates in composting, etc. It's unavoidable. Being green is really the new black and this is definitely not a FAD or trend because I don't see it going away... ever.

So fashionistas, what can you do to support your environment? Shop with our local eco-friendly designers and boutique. For starters I recommend you visiting FashionEthic is an online boutique founded by Candice Caldwell in 2007. Fashion Ethic is centered around three principles: 1) providing you with the best in fashion-forward and forward thinking apparel so you can build a wardrobe you feel good about; 2)bringing the boutique experience online; and 3) supporting and promoting ethical designers who make fashionably responsible choices in their materials and manufacturing, labor and business practices, and social responsibility. Shop at now and any purchases of $35+ made through May 1st is 30% off. Use the code "EVERYDAY" at checkout.

As for designers, one of our local favorite eco-friendly designers - Lizzie Parker will be opening her own store in Issaqauh this weekend (and coincidentally, I was scheduled to interview her today). Her Fave-T (organic t-shirt) was recently featured in InTouch Magazine and in honor of that, this weekend they will be up for grabs at 2 for $80 (normally $54 each). Her mission is to bring women chic fashionable clothing with organic, eco-friendly, and locally made designs.

Happy Earth Day and Happy Shopping!

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Eco-Mcghee said...

My favorite eco-friendly accessory is the bailing twine belt. Also good if you need to tie up some unruly fashionistas in a pinch.