Monday, October 12, 2009

Two Amazing Fashion Shows in One Night

This past Friday night was a hectic one for Tarah and I because of one little problem: we were booked to attend two shows in the same night. The two shows were the 2nd Annual EcoLavish Fashion Show and Luly Yang’s annual couture show. The good news was we made it on time to catch both shows. The Luly Yang show started a little earlier than EcoLavish so we were able to dash out during Luly Yang’s intermission to make it to the Engine Room at Georgetown Studios for EcoLavish. The bad news is that we missed Luly Yang’s finale. Hey, you lose some, you win some right?

EcoLavish was put on by Half Past Lavish (an event planning company ran by FGI member Courtney Russell) and the goal behind EcoLavish is to prove that eco-friendly apparel can be stylish, fun, and anything but boring. Being that this is the only fashion show in the northwest with a green runway and full on eco-friendly designers / apparel, I think Courtney is on to something big. The designers included Renee Corrick of Six Degrees, Kimberlee Iblings of Deco Modiste, Teresa Remple of Texture Clothing and finale designer Lizzie Parker of Lizzie Parker Eco Atelier.

Here are some of my favorite looks of the night…


Texture leggings

The Luly Yang annual couture show was held at Fairmount Olympic Hotel with the theme ‘The Creation’ which was influenced by Michelangelo’s artwork. Just like the previous years, Luly Yang donated a portion of the proceeds to Camp Korey, a camp in Carnation, WA fully staffed with a medical team and counselors for children with a serious illness to attend. We were able to catch the Camp Korey show where the children wore Luly Yang on the runway and the client portion of the runway show where previous client walked the runway with their custom made garment.

Camp Korey Super Star

Clients of Luly Yang

After attending both shows, Tarah and I joined our blogging friends Jess and Nadine for a late night dinner at Taco Del Mar.


-Seattle Savvy Insider- said...

Great pics Youa!!!

Youa said...

Thank you!

jaunty magpie said...

Wow, this looks like an absolutely magical show. Thank you so much for posting the photos!

JESS said...

thanks for hanging with us for dinner :)