Thursday, December 4, 2008

Five Minutes with Kimberly Arrington (co-owner of Clutch)

Clutch is located in the heart of downtown Seattle on 4th Avenue at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel. Owners Kimberly and Carrie Arrington started Clutch in August 2007 (around the same time Urban Fashion Network began too). Their goal behind Clutch is to bring Seattleites a boutique filled with exquisite independent designer bags and that is exactly what they have done. During FGI / UFN’s networking event, I had the chance to sipped champagne with Kimberly and asked her a few questions.

YK: What inspired Clutch?

KA: The idea started when we couldn’t find a handbag one day. We noticed the clothing boutiques don’t carry handbags and if they do, they are never on sale! We have shoe stores but no handbag stores. It was driving me nuts!

YK: I have a fancy holiday party to attend. What would you recommend?

KA: Alexis Hudson Snowbird in emboss snake. It is pleated on the sides, sides and it’s a little luxury for not a lot of money - $420.

The second bag is also by Alexis Hudson and it’s the Mont Blanc in Grape. It’s our most popular seller for $525.

YK: They say a girl’s life is in her purse. Do you mind sharing what’s inside your purse?

KA: sure. I have my wallet, blackberry, brush, a stash of chocolate, a novel, bus pass, some personal mail, and my water bottle.

For those of you who missed the FGI / UFN networking event for the opportunity to save 20%, it’s not too late. Starting now until December 24th, Clutch is having “handbag stimulus” package to help their customers in these tough economic times. With any purchase, you are eligible for a drawing to save 20, 30, and even 50% on your next purchase. For more details visit their website at

To view pictures from the FGI / UFN networking event, visit my Picasa Album.

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