Sunday, December 28, 2008

Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009!

2008 has treated me very well! It was full of travels, success, love, surprises (both good and bad), and many dreams coming true… and to my surprise it all happened with one ‘new year resolution’ in mind – live according to my heart’s desire. Here are the main highlights of 2008:

• I kicked off the year with a vacay to Oahu celebrating an anniversary.
• I met my great friend Sydney and joined her at FashionFirst.
• I got a promotion at the 8 to 5 gig. Well deserved!
• I celebrated my birthday will my best 5 girlfriends and sisters with an overdue girls’ night out in town.
• I went to NY for the first time and attended New York’s Mercedes Benz Spring 2009 Fashion Week. (WoW!)
• I partnered up with Tarah at Urban Fashion Network and am getting my ticket to the hottest shows in Seattle with a small price of BLOG.
• Getting the opportunity to meet Seattle’s influential people in the fashion industry such as Lizzie Parker, Fashion Ethic entrepreneur – Candace Caldwell, etc.
• I got my first apartment in my dream city (not NY just yet)!

This year has truly been a blessed one. I am so thankful for all the people who’ve supported me through it all. I’ve held on to many great long time friendships while gaining some new ones along the way. I am leaving 2008 feeling loved, successful, and satisfied… but more determined than ever.

In 2009 I am looking forward to many more blessing! It will be the little simple things in life I’m choosing to focus on such has more sleep, exercise, and taking two seconds to breathe – basically stop overworking myself to death.

Happy New Year! See ya in 2009.


Tarah said...

Yay for 2009! I think we have some great things in store for us this year! So glad yto have you on board! ;)

Youa said...

Thank you! I'm glad to be a part of the team. :)